Working in Anti-fly tipping partnership with Hampshire County Council

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. It’s a crime that damages the environment, risks public health and costs taxpayers to clean up.

We’re working in partnership with Hampshire County Council to tackle fly-tipping in our local area.

Here are some of our tips for waste removal and what to do if you find fly-tipped waste:

Householder responsibilities:
1. You could face an unlimited fine if your rubbish is found fly-tipped – even if you didn’t do it yourself.

2. You must use a licensed waste carrier to dispose of waste, or take it to a household waste recycling centre (

3. You must show you took reasonable steps to prevent your waste being fly-tipped. This is called your duty of care.

Using a licensed waste carrier:
1. Check if your waste carrier is licensed. You can do this quickly with their name or licence number at:

2. Ask what will happen to your waste. A licensed waste carrier should not object to this.

3. Keep a record of their waste carrier licence number by taking a photo of the licence,or take a screenshot when you check online.

4. Keep a waste transfer note or receipt to say where the waste was collected from, by who,and where it is going.

Finding fly-tipped waste:

If you come across waste that has already been fly-tipped, and it is safe to do so, please make notes or take a photograph. Report it ASAP to the local authority.

Do not touch or disturb the waste in any way, as there may be hazardous or sharp items hidden amongst it. Council staff will carry out a thorough examination of the waste as part of their investigation.

Please be reassured that any information supplied in connection to a fly-tipping occurrence will be treated in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

Find out more here:


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