The Environment

We owe the pristine taste of Hildon Natural Mineral Water to our beautiful planet, so we are striving to do all that we can to protect it. This includes working in harmony with the local Hampshire community, to understand and spread the word about the complex ecosystems that comprise our home.

Project Solar

We are committed to combating climate change and creating a healthier environment.

We’ve partnered with Edward Energy and BeBa Energy to develop and install 908 solar panels, which in its first year has avoided 781,702lb of Co2 being released and provided enough energy to operate a TV for 68,619 days. 

Solar Panels on the hildon production building roof.

A shining success

The roof-mounted scheme delivers 250kwp of naturally generated energy - meaning 30% of every bottle of Hildon Natural Mineral water is made with 30% clean onsite renewable energy.

Hildon aims to be the most environmentally friendly and sustainable Natural Mineral Water company in the UK. This investment in solar technology will help make that a reality.

Other Initiatives

Pioneers of good practice in environmental protection and sustainability.

From engaging with industry best practice to planting trees and protecting our local bee population, we're on a mission to make Hildon the most environmentally friendly Natural Mineral Water.

The Bees at Hildon
The Bees

Despite a global shortage of honeybees, we're pleased to share that our Hampshire estate is home to 6 hives, each with their own thriving colony. In addition to expanding our apiary, we continually train staff on beekeeping best practice.

Renewable Energy and Waste reduction
Renewable Energy

99% of our waste stream is either re-used or recycled, and this is after challenging its existence in the first instance. The remainder is then incinerated which saves on the environmental impact of transporting the waste alongside operating as a filter for trapping harmful pollutants.

Tree planting in Hampshire
Tree Planting

Much of our surrounding wildlife depends on forests for survival. And that's not to mention the benefits of trees to the environment and us as breathing beings. For this reason, we decided to plant trees both on our estate and in the nearby towns of Romsey and Winchester.

Reducing harmful emissions
Reducing harmful emissions

Our transport fleet uses AdBlue technology to help reduce the nitrous oxide emissions produced by diesel engines. Stored in a separate tank to the fuel, AdBlue works by breaking NOx (Nitrous Oxide) emissions down into harmless nitrogen and water.

Best Practices
Best Practices

Our environmental management system has been 14001:2015 certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This is a result of our dedication to challenging and measuring our performance through regular objectives, which are then scrutinised at a yearly UKAS audit.

Educating our staff
Educating Staff

We encourage staff to align with our environmental values by introducing them to best practice during their induction. We also invite them to join us in continually questioning how we can do better.

July 2023 Ashley Ramamoorthy signed E&Q Policy

Hildon Foundation

Originally established to encourage young musicians, a cause close to Hildon’s late founder's heart, The Hildon Foundation has since grown to support a wide scope of local charitable and good causes close to its Test Valley, Hampshire home.

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