Springtime on the Hildon Estate

As the days stretch longer and the air grows warmer, there's an undeniable sense of rejuvenation that sweeps across the Hildon Estate. Spring has unfurled its vibrant cloak, painting our corner of the Hampshire countryside with hues of green and splashes of colour. It's a time of awakening, of new beginnings, and at Hildon, we're wholeheartedly embracing the beauty and vitality that this season brings. With panoramic views from our floor to ceiling windows, our offices have the best view, giving us a ringside seat to the seasonal changes across the Hildon Estate.

 The arrival of spring also brings forth a flurry of activity from the resident hares, their playful antics injecting a sense of joy and energy into the countryside. With lightning-fast dashes and graceful leaps, darting across the fields, those hares are notably increasingly active and visible across the countryside. The bucks, enter into spirited chases and sparring matches as they compete for the attention of the does, and to prove their prowess.


Meanwhile, the deer roam the estate, their elegant forms grazing on the lush vegetation that thrives in the springtime . There are about 200 fallow deer that enjoy the lush vegetation and nearly people free environment. They move like a starling murmuration, sweeping in groups and regrouping from small rangale, to gang, gradually coalescing into the larger herd as they gather to relax in the sun, keeping an ever-watchful couple of hundred pairs of eyes.


We also attract the more solitary and shyer muntjac deer, one of the smallest deer species in the UK. We’re more likely to hear its strange ‘bark’ than catch a glimpse. They are hiding out amongst the trees amongst the bluebells. These delicate blooms carpet the forest floors transforming our woodlands into a fairy-tale.


The graceful house martins have returned, swooping and darting across the open fields with effortless grace as the wind ripples through the grass. Their aerial acrobatics remind us of the boundless freedom that comes with the changing seasons.


 It’s still a little early for butterflies, but the Hildon bees are buzzing with purpose. Our team members, Jonathan and Sharron, are training in beekeeping, under the expert guidance of Peter from Romsey Beekeepers. At the end of last summer, we moved the hives to a more sheltered spot in the old stable. Taking a break from the office to tend to our buzzing inhabitants, whilst they play their vital role in pollinating the surrounding flora.

They are already returning with their haunches laden with pollen, and we look forward to a bumper crop of honey. In the corner of the stable, amongst a box of apiary paraphernalia we found a robins nest with five eggs. Having sacrificed the contents of said box, we’ve managed to glimpse and hear some very hungry robin chicks. Life is thriving in every corner of Hildon!


We cherish the longer days that spring brings, and see anew just how beautiful the Hildon Estate is, it also serves as a reminder of why we need to preserve the estate and why we are consistently improving our sustainability practices.