Hildon introduces three new nesting boxes

As part of our CSR initiative, we are pleased to announce the introduction of our new nesting boxes located on the Hildon Estate.

Caring about the environment and supporting our local wildlife is a way of life at Hildon: it is part of our DNA.  Nestled in the beautiful Test Valley Countryside on a 160 acre country estate we have always strived to preserve, enhance, encourage and sustain our local eco system.

Over recent years, on our estate, we have created a diverse habitat for our wildlife, added bee hives to support the comeback of these valuable little creatures, and this year, with the expertise of the HIWWT and The Hawk Conservancy Trust, we have added owl and kestrel boxes. These nesting boxes have been specially placed at the right height, facing the right direction and away from human disturbance to offer the perfect conditions for the birds to flourish and hopefully breed.

The placing of these boxes is an education in itself, whilst boxes are more protected when placed higher up a tree, they’re actually harder to access for future surveying and cleaning. For this reason we placed our boxes between 3 and 4 meters up their respective trees, attaching them securely, allowing plenty of space for the tree to continue its expansion. A balance has also been sought to allow some protection to the box from the elements, whilst allowing a relatively easy flight path to the front entrance.

We’ll be sure to keep our news & blog updated with any progress from within the nesting boxes.