Our Source

To be a Natural Mineral Water a water must come from a single protected source. The source of Hildon Natural Mineral Water is the jewel that lies below the 160 acre estate deep within the Test Valley countryside near the village of Broughton. The beauty of the estate, remains virtually untouched where wild hares bound, deer roam and birds of prey soar high above.

We keep it perfectly natural.


How Hildon Natural Mineral Water is formed

How Hildon Natural Mineral Water is formed.

It requires lots of time, rain water, and thousands of years of rock and sediment formation.

Stage 1.

The rain water falls onto the land and passes through the environment, before beginning its 50 year journey to the aquifer.

Stage 2.

The water filters through layer upon layer of porous rock which removes any impurities and gives the water with its own unique taste and minerals.

Stage 3.

The water filters into an underground aquifer, from which we carefully extract Hildon Natural Mineral Water.

Stage 4.

The water remains underground until it reaches our bottling plant on the Hildon estate. Nothing is added, changed, or taken away, with the exception of a gentle carbonation for our Gently Sparkling range.

Stage 5.

We bottle Hildon Natural Mineral Water for your enjoyment in our stylish Bordeaux bottles and deliver your Hildon Natural Mineral Water, confident that it will be in the same perfect condition as when it was drawn from our aquifer.

Bottling our Natural Mineral Water

In 2014 we celebrated 25 years of Hildon, with the introduction of a new, state-of-the-art bottling line. Our £4.5 million investment means that we can meet the global demand for our Natural Mineral Water whilst continuing to offer both our existing and new customers the high levels of service they have come to expect.

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