Our Ethics

Hildon has been certified to ISO 14001:2015 with approximately 90% of all waste streams recycled. Our Ethical stance is an inherent part of our culture and not a marketing gimmick.

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In order to keep in line with our Ethics we have added AdBlue to our diesel lorries to reduce harmful emissions and educated our staff in best environmental practices. In addition to this we will, in conjunction with the Hildon Foundation, support good, local causes and charities. We will strive to continue to maintain or improve all aspects of our environmental performance to remain a top environmentally friendly Natural Mineral Water Company.

Hildon Foundation

The Hildon Foundation was created in the early 1990’s and funded directly by Hildon Limited.  Established initially to encourage and support young musicians, an area close to our Founder’s heart, it widened its scope in 2008 to include local good causes, of which we have supported many.

Regular donations to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Fund, an independent charitable foundation that connects donors to local causes and charities. Amalgamating donations allows greater giving power, making our money go further.

By contributing to the arts we support those with talent, helping them to showcase their skills and creativity. From sponsoring young musicians in residence at Aldeburgh to realise their dreams, to organisations such as the Royal College of Music, the James Hay Royal Ballet School, the British National Ballet School and the Royal Opera House Foundation.

Charitable Causes

Naomi House Clarendon Walk which raised invaluable funds for a Children’s Hospice in Winchester that provides respite and palliative care for children with terminal illnesses. You can read more about the walk on our blog article here.

In conjunction with our local authorities, tree planting in Winchester and Romsey towns to enhance city living.  Annual sponsorship of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, with additional support for their exciting calendar and “Wildlife Watch” scheme which will create our wildlife ambassadors of the future.

Since the Hildon Foundation was established we have donated over £210,000 to home-grown charitable causes which we hope has made a real difference to people, their lives and the environment they live in.

Charitable Partners

Charitable cause are an inherent part of our business culture, here are a few of the partners we work with:

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