Olli Caldwell

Olli is a talented driver with aspirations to race in Formula 1 and become a British World Champion. Growing up in the village of Broughton in Hampshire, just a few miles from the Hildon estate, we are honoured to play a part in Olli's promising career trajectory.

"I am very proud to have Hildon Water onboard as a partner. It is a very relevant partner to us in this sport where on a hot weekend in the south of Italy keeping hydrated is key to my performance. They do a brilliant job at supporting young talent and I am very pleased they have seen an opportunity in me. Having this support is crucial in allowing me to go racing and I am very grateful to Hildon Water helping me try and achieve my dream" – Olli Caldwell

Hildon prides itself on supporting young talented individuals, helping them to showcase their skills and creativity on a national or even global scale. A true home-grown star, Olli is one to watch for the future.

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