Caviar House

From tantalising the taste buds of frequent first-class flyers in airport lounges, to namesake restaurants in the hear of Paris, Caviar House and Prunier are purveyors of culinary journeys.

"A regular customer of Caviar House & Prunier often asked his sales manager why when he sat at the seafood bars at Heathrow airport, he wasn't being served Hildon water. After a few conversations later a relationship was built between Caviar House & Prunier and Hildon, that is still as strong as when it was first started. Working with Hildon has been an absolute pleasure. We have our branding on the bottle and since introducing this wonderful brand of water into our stores, we have seen a growth in our water sales. The bottle and dual branding are a perfect premium match. The staff at Hildon have always been at hand to help us with new projects and any needs that we have. We hope that we continue to have such a positive relationship and we look forward to serving Hildon water in any new outlet we look at opening." – Taylor Goodhew, Chief Operating Officer

It comes as no surprise that our story with Caviar House began with a customer expressing their preference for Hildon Natural Mineral Water to accompany their dish. Celebrated for elevating the taste of fine foods, we look forward to more discerning diners experiencing the palate-clensing potential of Hildon Natural Mineral Water.

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