A brand new partnership For cleaner, brighter coaches

We’re delighted to announce that we’re partnering with the luxury coach operator “Jeakins Coach Travel”, of Egham, Surrey, to launch a brand new range of Natural Mineral Water specifically designed to keep their coaches Gently Sparkling.

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April Fools!

Admit it, we fooled you all! Whilst Hildon would leave your car or coach sparkling clean, we wouldn’t recommend wasting it cleaning your pride & joy!

Whether you want to refresh those taste buds, whilst enjoying a special meal, or revitalise and rehydrate yourself and your guests on a sunny afternoon, make it special with the refreshing taste of Hildon.

We’re delighted to announce a brand new partnership with Jeakins Coach Travel. The luxury coach operator, operating in Surrey & Greater London, has been searching for a better way to keep their coaches sparkling.

They tested various cleaning solutions but found that the pure, untreated composition of Hildon’s Natural Mineral Water delivered a clearer, brighter finish to their modern fleet.

To further the partnership with Jeakins, we’re launching two new labels specifically for them. Introducing our new ranges – “Delightfully Clean” and “Gently Sparkle” – perfect for making your vehicle sparkle.

Our “Delightfully Clean” product removes the grit & grime embedded in the coach’s bodywork leaving the coaches looking and feeling fresh & clean.

The “Gently Sparkle” range adds that special wow-factor that makes the Jeakins Coach Travel fleet stand out from their competition.

Jeakins will be equipping their drivers with cases of our specially branded Hildon Natural Mineral Water so they can keep their fleet sparkling clean whilst on the road. Look out for our cleaner, brighter fleet hitting the roads in the next few weeks!

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