Introducing Hildon's new label

We are proud to reveal our brand new Hildon label that will see us through 2018 and many more years to come.

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The Hildon team worked tirelessly in 2017 to ensure that Hildon would have a new classy look and feel to take it into 2018. The new label design will begin to roll out as of today (02/01/18) on the 750ml Glass & 330ml Glass Still & Sparkling range and will hopefully be visible across the entire Hildon range in the summer of 2018.

The new label takes its inspiration from our Classic label which was used in the 1990’s as seen below;

James Nethersole, Design Manager for Hildon Limited, said: “When our team took on the brief to redesign the Hildon label, the message was clear. Short and simple, it was to create a classic looking label that called back to Hildon’s roots and heritage but would also stand out in a modern setting.

We felt our previous label had moved too far away from the clean classic look that has always been Synonymous with Hildon.

Our quality, strong ties to tradition along with our iconic blue and white colours have become very well known in the HORECA industry. From the start of the redesign keeping our striking colours the same was important, serving as a visual link and reminder of these aspects that are deeply ingrained in Hildon’s culture.

It was a very proud day for Hildon when we received the Royal Warrant in April last year. We wanted to give the crest pride of place on our new design to show how much it meant to us. This sits central in our design.

A lot of research and development has gone into the final design. A new vintage logo was created to reflect our tradition and the craftsmanship that goes into our bottles.

When we thought of the question “What in essence is Hildon?”, we wanted the answer to be clear in our labels. Its trusted, its quality, it’s classic and pure. We wanted to create a look that would be instantly recognisable to everyone. It is hoped when people see it, they will say “That’s Hildon!”. I think we can be confident that our new labels have achieved this and we are very pleased with the result!”


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