New Hildon Label Arriving Early 2018

Exciting things are happening at Hildon in 2018. See our blog post below to find out more.

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Hildon Natural Mineral Water will be revealing a new label in 2018, which incorporates the insignia of the Royal Warrant, granted to the company in April 2017.

“Receiving the Royal Warrant was a wonderful accolade for Hildon, but we wanted to be respectful of how we communicate the warrant on the bottle” explains James Burston, Director of Sales and Marketing; “At the same time as designing the new label, we have been working with Story Agency, to help us understand our brand and what it truly means to our customers.  With Story’s guidance, we have distilled the DNA of Hildon and we believe that we have encapsulated what this means to trade and consumers. The resulting memorable strapline will form the backbone of the new campaign.”

Samantha Greatbanks, Marketing Manager, is looking forward to the big reveal in Jan 2018; “The new label gives Hildon a fresh look, incorporating the Warrant in a classy, understated way. And the campaign supporting the launch conveys the heart of Hildon.


Knowing who we are has been key to identifying our core target consumer and best fit trade customers; in 2018 our mission is to engage with them all in a more relevant way.”

The team’s confidence is well-founded.  Sales of Hildon look set to continue their double digit growth trajectory both in export markets and in UK as the company gains market share together with their premium partners.  Burston is convinced that their strategy of choosing a smaller amount of partners in the right sector is paying dividends.

“Hildon is an iconic luxury English water that comes from one single source on our English country estate.” explains Burston; “Consumers may not know the difference between the different types of water, or that Natural Mineral Water is the most strictly controlled.  But they do identify with our pure taste and our consistent quality; and our finite quality is our defining attribute.  We are the Montrachet of the water market and we intend to own our competing space.”

For the small family team at Hildon the appointment of the Royal Warrant is not only an exciting endorsement of the quality of service and product that they have been delivering for years.  It is also an honoured accolade, granted as a result of their commitment to ethical and environmental principles that were not designed purely for marketing purposes.  That, for them, is the most important distinction.

The new label will be visible in market in early 2018 with a supporting release to confirm exact dates and visuals.


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